Hosting a
successful party
The home party that your guests will be buzzing about for years to come!
My goal is to help you earn your products for FREE.
Together we will make your party a huge success! I’ll be
calling you to help you build a guest list so you can earn
as many freebies as possible.
I know you are busy. I’ll mail invitations and track
RSVP’s for you! All I need is a guest list!
We can also create a facebook event for the party and
build a “Buzz” together.
An RSVP list is located on the back cover of this
pamphlet so you can keep track of guests who respond
to you about attending.
If you  nd that you need to cancel your party, I ask that
you kindly give me as much notice as possible.
Thank you
for hosting an athenas party!
This is one opportunity your
friends won’t want to miss
and one they will never
forget! Its time to gather
together for an educational,
fun  lled event. I will share
tips for a rewarding love life!
This will be the easiest home
party you’ve ever planned!
I’m looking forward to a memorable Athenas party with
you and your guests.
Your Athena Goddess/Adonis is:
My contact information is:
Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.
Party Date: Time:
As the host/hostess you will receive these
valuable rewards.
iana Pelletier
850-739-0009 ---
What is an Athenas
Home Novelties Party?
An Athenas party helps party guests become more
informed about products that may have been considered
“bad” or dirty in the past.
Party guests can see each other enjoying the new tastes
and sensations and realize that these products are now
being used by women and men everywhere!
Learn to feel okay about one’s own sensuality and
sexuality at an Athenas party.
One’s sex life can become more satisfying due to knowledge
and empowerment gained by attending an Athenas party.
Party guests are assured that products will be presented
tastefully at an Athenas party. I am knowledgeable about
the products I present and sensitive to the audience in
attendance who may be shy or uncomfortable with select
subject matters.
Learn to love your body! We have the best spa and
massage products to help you and your guests look and
feel fabulous.
I will put party guests at ease through humor and
An Athenas Home
Novelties party is held in
a setting where guests
can view, sample and
purchase sensuous
products in a safe
environment, a place
where they can feel
comfortable talking
about products that
they may be unfamiliar
with. Guests are
encouraged to ask
questions about how
these products are used
and how they relate to
a couple’s intimate
I will create an open,
sensitive atmosphere
for such questions
to be answered.
An Athenas party is interesting,
enlightening, educational and
most of all, fun!
Making your Athenas Party
a success!
I will strive to make your Athenas party the best event possible. I can even customize your experience
to suit you and your guests. I have a selection of special themes like Bachelorette parties, couples parties,
buzzing brunch and week night quickies, all designed to set the mood and ambiance for your party.
I will bring the fun and good vibrations. If you have any special requests — or want speci c products
presented at your party — please let me know in advance.
The more information I have about your expectations for the party, the better.
Make reminder calls to all guests
Its a good idea to call your guests a
day or two before the party as a reminder. I
will make these calls for you if you provide the
Urge guests to be prompt
Having all of your guests arrive on time will
assure that I will be able to complete my full
Ordering is done con dentially
Typically, I will do a 60 minute presentation in
your living room and then take guests into a
private room (like a bedroom) where I will take
orders individually. Please be sure to have a
room with a door that can be kept closed
during the ordering process.
Food, snacks and smoking
Chips and dips do not mix well with the lotions
and edibles you’ll be enjoying throughout the
presentation. Please hold o serving any snack
items until after the presentation.
I will be presenting my demonstration products
throughout the evening. The smell of cigarettes
can linger on the products so I ask that you
maintain a smoke free environment. If you have
guests attending who are smokers, we can plan
any necessary smoke breaks”.
The more the merrier
Encourage your guests to bring along their
friends as well. More guests means higher sales
which equals more free items for you.
Transform party credits into pro ts
Did you know you can use your party credits to
purchase demo items to become a Goddess/
Adonis? Thats right, start your very own
pro table business for a minimal investment.
Payment options
I accept all major credit cards and cash. Sales tax
and a handling charge will be added to each
order placed.
Any orders you receive from guests unable to
attend your Athenas party should be placed
in a sealed envelope along with their payment
and given to me the night of the party. I can
also accept orders over the phone, via e-mail
or text with a credit card. The outside orders
will be added to your total party sales for the
evening and increase your hostess credits.
Children are not allowed
It is illegal for an Athenas party to be conducted
in an environment where minors are present
— this includes infants, toddlers and teenagers.
Children cannot be in another room within
the house. If anyone under 18 is present in the
home I will need to leave or I will only show
spa products.
Encourage your guests to
bring along their friends as
well. More guests means
higher sales which equals
more free items for you.
A Tale of Two Hostesses
And then there was Patty, so excited was she,
already envisioning free lotions and toys from me.
I mailed 40 invitations and then Patty told,
many more people than her house could possibly
Her friends wanted to know what she was
talking about. Patty was more than happy to whip
her Athenas catalog out.
She bragged about Athenas and the life changing
products theyd see. Outside orders weren’t a
problem at all – no sir-ee.
She didn’t have time to set a buffet, so she stopped
at the bakery on her way home that day.
Guests sat on the sofa. They sat on the floo r. Some
sat in chairs, while others stood by the door.
The house wasn’t perfect but they laughed all right,
They had a spectacular time with Athenas on that
fateful night.
The sales were tallied, many products Patty had
won. This was amazing, she exclaimed, Athenas is
so much fun!”
The moral of this story
shouldn’t make you brood,
Focus on your Athenas party
guests and not your home or
the food!
First there was Mary, so proper was she,
Her invitations written in calligraphy.
“I’ll just invite ten, I don’t know too many.
I’m sure they’ll all come, there will be plenty.
She forgot to remind them to each bring a
friend. “I’m not sure I can  t that many chairs in
my den.
Her catalogs sat at home, arranged on the table.
“Outside orders? Oh, I just wasn’t able.
She set a bu et t for a king, yet forgot to give
her guests a reminder ring.
The night of her show, her home looked just
great. We set up the order room and proceeded
to wait.
Only one guest arrived with all of these
products to see. “How, Mary wondered,
did this happen to me?”
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Experience our comprehensive
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oughout the year!
Receive consistent support through
meetings, workshops and seminars!
Take control of your life!
Athena’s provides a unique opportunity to:
Be in business for yourself, not by yourself! Ask your Athenas Goddess/Adonis for more information today!
D o you get paid what youre worth?
Do you make your own schedule? Do you
love your boss? Do you earn a paycheck
by going to parties and having fun?
oin women and men from all over the
country who answer “yes” to these
“I joined Athenas 7 years ago to make a little extra income. Not
only have I made A LOT of money, Athena’s gave me priceless
things that I never imagined it would. Confidence, a sense of
purpose and treasured relationships with my Hostesses, clients
and fellow Goddesses and Adoni that I simply couldn’t exist
without. Joining Athenas was the BEST decision I have ever
made in life.
Rebecca Richmond, NY
Athena’s Goddess since 2012
Team Leader of Positive Vibes
Goddess/Adonis Advisory Board Member
Earthly Goddess
Recipient of the Jennifer Clanton Award
Chrissy Shedd, NH
Athena’s Goddess since 2006
Team Leader of X-OTICA
Goddess/Adonis Advisory Board Member
Supreme Goddess
Goddess of the YEAR
Most Admired Leader
Top Seller
Top Recruiter
Partying for a LIVING is the best! I meet amazing people
and educate them about the best products around - all
while de-stressing, laughing and spreading the love! The
empowerment that we give to women, men and couples is more
than I ever imagined! I LOVE being a Goddess!
My Athenas business adapts with my life’s ebbs and flows so I
don’t have to work a job that my life must conform to. The past 10
years have shown me how to be flexible, kind, and a leader. I have
evolved to know I can trust and believe in myself and the work I
do is powerful and necessary. My clients bring me so much joy!
Athenas isn’t what I do, it’s who I am, and for that, I am grateful.
Talia Coccia, GA
Athena’s Goddess since 2008
Team Leader of Geni-Talia
Heavenly Goddess
Goddess/Adonis Advisory Board Member
Golden Circle of Leadership Award Winner
Top Seller
$5,000 Winner
Winner of trip to Hawaii and Greece
I’ve been able to be home with all 3 of my babies and still be the
top seller and top recruiter in Athena’s! Full time mom, full time
business owner! I have never once in 12 years gone off to make
money and felt like I was going to work. It’s full time fun!
Olivia Lee, ME
Athena’s Goddess since 2006
Team Leader of The Sexy Sex Sellers
Goddess/Adonis Advisory Board Member
Heavenly Supreme Goddess
Golden Circle of Leadership Award Winner
Top Seller
Top Recruiter
$10,000 Treasure Box winner
After joining Athenas, I went from working 60 hours a week
to making my own schedule. I finally had the time to spend
with family and friends after 9 years at a full time job! In
addition, I’ve made many friends with this company. I am
now truly happy in my life! – Ryan Lahr
Ryan Lahr, PA
Athena’s Adonis since 2014
Team Leader of Team 77
Hero Adonis
Goddess/Adonis Advisory Board Member
$5,000 Winner
Winner of trip to Mexico
My Athenas business has made me a better person! I’ve met great
people along my Athenas journey, gained amazing friendships
and boosted my self confidence! Without Athenas I wouldn’t be
where I am or who I am today!
Sheema Rosheema Laughinghouse, MA
Athena’s Goddess since 2010
Team Leader Sexy In Chains
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