About Me!

When you party with us you support Small Business.
Athena's from its roots of 24 years has always been a small business enabling Men and Woman to share the love for eachother.  While Athena's has grown through the years,  it has always been family run with truly humble beginnings.

I’ve worked with Athena’s & Heavenly Goddess in a different way for many years, behind the camera at all their big events and Business Meetings.

After moving to Florida the summer of 2021 and realizing there is no other Athena’s or Heavenly Goddess consultants in the area I knew I had to introduce the products here!

Also, I have people who ask me who they contact to get more of a certain product that I have suggested and they fall in love with, so why not take that profit for myself and my family? My number one goal right now is to be able to pay off all my credit card debt and to be able to save enough money to take my family on at least one amazing vacation every year!