The Southern Christian 

Sex toys are called toys for a reason - you play with them!  And playing - as we may recall from our childhood - is FUN!  Having FUN with your partner is what keeps you connected!  

Life can't be all about working, paying bills, and helping kids with their homework! 

There has to be something to keep the flames of passion burning in the bedroom! I'm proud of our profession! —- SHE-E-O Jennifer Jolicoeur

Let the husband render to his wife the affection due her, and likewise also the wife to her husband.- 1 Corinthians 7:3 — KJV

Where there is love, there’s liberty, because God has given a husband and wife the privilege to define the uniqueness of their sexual relationship. No one else has the right or authority to tell them how to behave in the bedroom, as long as their actions don’t violate Scripture. - ​

The Bible never addresses the question of sex toys or “marital aids” — so it would be suggested that couples use their own judgment.  But we’d be quick to add that mutual consent is absolutely critical.

There are many physical reasons one may use a ​novelty or lubrication in the bedroom.  

A woman's natural lubrication over time is reduced and adding some assistance to the gential area may be able to assist in making the situation more enjoyable and pleasureable.  Physically this could reducing ​tearing and pain in some cases also.  This could also be caused by medication or situations in the person's life.

Why Athena's By Briana?

You have many options in this industry to find martial aids.  Even big box stores are selling some items now.

Athena's offers you the option to see touch and feel the adult products and not just look at them in a box.

What we offer is that you Host A Party with your closest friends who are looking to spice up their martial bed.  Or Briana can meet with you one on one and discuss options on how to spice up your bedroom.

We even offer couples parties so that your significate other can be there with you to discuss in the ordering room your likes and dislikes.

With hosting a Party, the structure of a party will begin with learning how to take care of your biggest organ, your skin, It will then move into the adult toys and show different kinds of products that are all quality tested prior to being even considered for our catalog.  Briana will speak on relaxation, lubrication, and different forms of intimacy.

Everyone has different likes and in the marital bed you and your significate other can help choose to bring different items into the bed.  As we stated above toys are meant to be fun and they really are when shared with someone you Love and Cherish.  

My Friends will know I use toys if I host a party.

No, The ordering process is always Private and Discreet. Athena's will never disclose what you purchased or tell your friends anything said in confidence in the ordering room.

If I use marital aids that is like I am breaking the Marital Bed or commiting a sin.

God designed sex to function best when an individual seeks their spouse’s pleasure and selflessly does what is best for the other person and for the marriage.

Points to Consider

One key thing to remember is that while toys are a big part of this company our Skin Care and Spa Products are above all the absolute best products in the industry.  While some at your party may be nervious about adult toys they will ravish in the idea of taking care of their skin.  This HOT Florida sun does a lot of damage to our skin.  We need to make sure that our biggest organ on our body is healthy and hydrated at all times.

The Bible mentions herbs and special sheets used to make the marital bed more enjoyable (Proverbs 7)

We have products to assist with this.  You deserve to be happy as God wants us to be.