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To empower all people through sexual education in a safe, comfortable environment while offering only the highest quality products presented by a trained Athena’s Goddess or Adonis.

Athenas By Briana

An Athena's Home party is held in a private space where guests can view, touch and purchase pampering products. Party guests are encouraged to ask questions about skincare, relaxation, and our incredible ingredients. I will create an inclusive, fun, and open atmosphere for questions to be answered throughout the party and during the ordering process. We invite our guests to have their partners with them if they would like. 

Also, Athena's is an inclusive organization that believes that ALL PEOPLE, no matter how they identify by sexual orientation, gender, ability,religion, and ethnicity, deserve pampering and pleasure. We invite everyone to book and attend parties.

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Christian Parties

In an effort to be inclusive of everyone.  We have crafted a party for the Christian Couples.  These parties will still have the Wonderful Spa Products to take care of your body. But it will also contain the Marital Enhancements that will assist you in your pleasure together.  For more information please click Learn More.

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